Sunday Lunch

Went out for lunch with the X100F, which is now my primary camera. January in Tokyo is far colder than I remember. One of my favorite places is called Aokati Coffee Roasters in Kanagawa (southwest Tokyo). It’s a small place away from the station (which has me a little worried about its longevity). The neighborhood is dead quiet and the harsh winter air is still keeping people indoors.

Fortunately, the cafe is worth the trek. Every little detail of the shop is perfectly Japanese; that is, every detail has been thought through, from the color scheme to the lighting down to the cup that holds the sugar for the coffee. It’s an oasis of beautiful details in an otherwise empty, quiet neighborhood. Please enjoy, and if you’re around, please visit.

Random Scenes

A few scenes from around town over the past few weeks.


I don’t know why I’ve been on a French kick lately, but here we have another French type of neighborhood in central Tokyo. Kagurazaka has more French restaurants than any other neighborhood in Tokyo, and many French speakers around. Saw a fancy schmancy shrine, a cat on a roof, a nice bridge, and lots of old street that haven’t been renovated since the days of Edo.