Minipig Cafe in Meguro

It’s a cafe with small pigs. They ran around like animals and snuggled into our legs. We also saw a cute shiba outside the cafe. Not a bad Wednesday night.

Stroll in Shinjuku

A friend came to visit Tokyo in late May and we took a stroll in Shinjuku. He shot film (with a Leica) and I shot with my Sony A7II. You could tell the difference between him—an experience photographer composing and watching a scene—and me—an amateur trying the old “spray and pray” technique. I think I got a few good shots. I always feel this pressure to show people a great time in Tokyo because people tend to have high expectations, but the best afternoons are always the ones where everyone kind of melts into the neighborhood and nothing really remarkable happens. This way, you’re able to just enjoy the city as it really is, as well as your company.

Summer Lunch in Daikanyama

Photos from lunch with friends in Daikanyama—Christele from Paris, Aya from Manila, and Miku from Japan. The older I get the more I enjoy just spending time with friends—a simple launch, a walk around a neighborhood. The cake and pudding was just an added bonus. Even in neighborhoods where the price of clothing creeps towards unreasonable territory, being around close friends can keep you grounded—a sort of isn’t-it-all-ridiculous vibe permeates the experience. I am very lucky to have people like these in my life.